Captain Kroon's Adventures

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Ahoy, Mates!  Ready for Adventure?

     Summer is in full swing, and the time is ripe for  gallivanting about on the water.  The sailing season is now cruising along under full sail, and with so much to do and so little time to chat or text (that's a joke- I'm not too tec-savy and don't even own a phone), I've rigged up this webpage to keep everyone up to speed with all that's happening on and around Stony Lake.  Although this year's fun is just begining, you can still have a look at some of our older pictures and read about the past madcap adventures of Captain Kroon.  We'd love to see you here at Stony Haven Campground,  so don't have any reservations about making reservations! 

     My Pirate Adventures page will keep you abreast of all major developments in the  bygone and upcoming Stony Lake sailing seasons, as well as my nautical battles with baffled tourists.  I've created a page for my business, so prospective customers, especially fishermen-  have a look at Stony Lake Boating Services's official page.  In the Picture Gallery, check out my vastly improved pirate raider, the Bonny Blue Lady, or my new race-winning Hobie16 catamaran, Gabrielle.  There are a few great pictures of some of my old races as well.  Don't forget to comment on my Blog

May the Good Lord Above Grant You Fair Winds and Following Seas!